How to take good photos

Origami lobster
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words,

I also say it has a thousand angles. Taking great pictures is the best way to convey your art as best as you can. Although taking good photos doesn’t require math, there are some things you need to put into consideration.

1. Camera quality

For beginners, the main thing you want to look for in a camera is how many megapixels. The average is 12MP. This applies to smartphones and regular cameras.

2. Angle/Lighting

The various sources of light affect how the picture will come out. Play around with different angles when taking pictures. Don’t forget to play around with the flash.

3. Background

If the background of your artwork does not complement the photo, get rid of it. This doesn’t mean tear your wall down. But if there are random items that don’t belong, get rid of it. Also, you can add props to your photo to improve the context.

Origami bison
American Bison: By @binyamin.guy on Instagram

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