How to make money with origami

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Origami is art, but art is not origami With that being said, making money with art tends to fall under 2 categories, Useful art, and not so useful art.

A perfect example is a t-shirt. While this doesn’t necessarily fix a problem, people need clothes to wear. When it comes to debating usefulness, some would argue that an origami lamp is more valuable than a shirt with an origami shirt.

Anyways, at a certain point “value” is based on whoever needs whatever it is that they want. 
Needless to say, making money with origami art is possible. So let’s discuss it.

1. T-shirts and clothing.

Take great pictures of origami and have them printed onto a shirt. Don’t forget to get permission when dealing with non-traditional models. Examples of traditional models are the crane and boat. Here’s a great blog post that explains The Basics of Origami Copywrite. If you don’t want to handle printing yourself, websites such as Teespring will do it for you. In addition to t-shirts, they also do facemasks, hoodies, tank tops, iPhone cases, coffee mugs, and more!

2. Sell on Ebay or Etsy

Whether it’s an original diagram or a traditional origami, you can sell it. Find ways to set yourself apart. Whether it’s the color of paper, size of the paper, quantity, or origami jewelry/keychain.

3. Create digital art

Don’t just stop at physical products. Take your photography to the next level to create screensavers and wallpapers. Pexels is great a website I use to get commercial-free graphics from. While you don’t get paid to upload your photos and videos, there is a donate option available for visitors to donate.

4. Teach

Whether in person, virtual, Udemy, or Youtube, teaching origami is another way to bring in income.

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