How to get better at origami

Making origami can be hard, but then again so is learning a lot of things that you don’t know. Knowing some skills can make learning other skills easier. Learning origami is very technical. Missing one step can have you lost real quick and losing hope.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make learning origami easier.
  1. Learn the easy stuff first, then start progressing to more difficult origami. Some origami may have similar foundations. This is a good opportunity to create muscle memory for certain designs.
  2. Try different styles of origami. The idea is that learning multiple designs will expose you to different fold patterns.
  3. Try to find a style of origami you prefer. Whether it be animals, robots, fish, geometric shapes, etc. While this does seem contrary to number 2, the proper way to go about doing this is to use number 2 to get new ideas, and number 3 to narrow down your ideas. Just like when playing a video game, you are likely going to try different characters and items before you know what you prefer.
  4. Play around with different colors. Draw, paint, and find creative ways to alter the finished design
  5. Pick up a puzzle or Rubix cube. For the rest of this blog post, the following ideas are going to get a bit wonky. I see origami as a puzzle, so I treat it as if I were learning a puzzle.
  6. Learn computer programming. While this is a far stretch when it comes to learning origami, I say this because programming enhances your critical thinking skills. Since attention to detail is very important in both origami and programming, you may find it beneficial. But remember that programming itself is another journey, so don’t prioritize it.

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