How to be creative


Some think creativity is something you are born with, only certain people are good at it and if you aren’t then there’s no point in trying. While some may have had an earlier start than others,

Creativity is something that is developed. Creatively usually arises when there is a problem that needs to be solved. For example, let’s has you have a bottle of water but for some reason you can’t open the lid. You can take a knife and poke a hole in it. Although not efficient, it is a solution.

critical thinking

Creativity can also arise by accident. Before I heard of the term ice cream float, I had learned early on that pouring soda on top of ice cream causes the bubbles to solidify.

Creativity is achieved by various means and shouldn’t be seen as something that has to be only one sided. Luckily, I have composed a couple of tips and hacks to increase your artistic-ness.

5 tips to become more creative

1. Practice working with complimentary colors. These are colors that are opposite from each other on the color wheel. Add different color variations to the same piece of work.

2. Walk around stores and look at stuff. Doesn’t matter if you have no money, just go fishing for inspiration. Don’t forget to take pictures.

3. Take a different routes to places. This will help switch up habits and give you inspiration. Doing the same thing everyday isn’t likely to give you new ideas.

4. Make mistakes, accidental or not. The way you go about fixing/blending in mistakes will reveal the type of creativity you are.

5. Make multiple pieces of work. Some will look good, some wont. Certain parts you like and others not so much. At this point you will know what you like to do and what you’ll do different next time.

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