Easy origami ideas

Origami can be fun, but also confusing at times. Particularly, beginners should focus on creating basic origami before going on to the harder stuff. Tackling the harder stuff when you are not prepared can cause you to be discouraged early on. Here are the top 5 beginner-friendly origami ideas to help you get started.

#1: Fan

Not to be confused with the electricity-powered propellers that spin around during a hot summer’s day. These fans are hand-powered. Arguably the easiest origami on the list. Here’s a tutorial.

#2: Paper plane

Most people don’t even think of paper planes of origami, but they definitely are. You may remember the standard paper plane from your childhood. However, there are multiple different paper planes that have different aerodynamics. Which is a fancy way of saying they fly differently in the air. Here’s a tutorial.

#3: Boat

The boat is next on this list and has a very simple look and is easy to make. These can float on water. Follow this tutorial to learn.

#4: Crane

The crane is probably one of the most popular origami, and likely the first you will learn. While it does have a bit of steps, you can make it in a few minutes once you learn it. Here’s a tutorial.

#5: Wallet

Got some cash and need a quick stash spot? Say no more. These cash stashers are beginner-friendly and fun to make. Follow this tutorial to learn.

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